“Because every business plan assumes a pandemic right?…”

When sitting around a table prior to committing thousands of pounds to a new venture the obvious worse case scenario was to assume a pandemic right??

I’m sure by now know one really wants to read anything more about coronavirus and neither do I. However I just felt it needed to be documented in some way… if nothing else to just look back on in time and remember the extraordinary situation faced by the world.

For us at Heritage Charters it can be remembered in simple bullet points:

-No customers

-No income.

-Turned down for all grants available because ‘we don’t trade from within a building’.

-Weirdly silent in the marina and at sea.

-Beautiful flat seas during lockdown.

-Unnexpected, wonderful family time.

-Emerging from lockdown with 1 man, 2 man and then 5 man charters.

-Social distancing (the new normal)

And so much more…..

I finish this by simply saying: Coronavirus will have challenged us all in many different ways, some far far more seriously than others. This is and will be just a simplistic little snippet of the time that hopefully we never see again!