Fishing the spectacular Exmoor Coastline & Bristol Channel

Exmoor has 37 miles of spectacular, sheltered coastline that tumbles into the Bristol Channel and it’s full of fish!! At Heritage charters, we offer experienced and wonderful fishing trips along the Exmoor coastline & The Bristol Channel. Find out more about the Heritage Charters skipper – Tom ‘Tommo’ Wright.

Here at Heritage Charters, our day begins from Watchet, an ancient port of 1000 years.

The lighthouse at the outer harbour entrance

On leaving Watchet Marina we can be instantly on the fish….. Rays, Eels, Smoothhound, Bass and during the winter months Cod abound the area.

Stretching the legs of the mighty ‘Swifty’ and in moments we can be further along the coastline where fish such as big Bull Huss, Spurdog  and the hard fighting Tope await to put a bend in the rods along with the ‘summer species’ like Trigger fish and Bream that can be targeted at the right times of the year. Beyond the immediate Exmoor coastline we have the Welsh coast within easy reach and out in the western approaches lies Lundy Island, a fabulous area for ‘species’ fishing, where you just don’t know what might be reeled in next. This area also gives us the chance to encounter a Shark or two! You really can’t get a better day fishing on Exmoor & The Bristol Channel than with Heritage Charters, Watchet.