Smashing it in our first season ‘on the Cod’

In a year where there has been a lack of smaller codling to boost bag weights on any given day the mission has been to find the solitary bigger fish…and we’ve certainly done that!

Falling to mainly ‘smaller baits’, by cod standards anyway, we’ve managed to locate and put our anglers onto some really fine cod. The most successful bait has been a whole squid with a couple of frozen black lug wrapped to it and in close second a frozen or fresh black lug bait with just a tip of squid this time.

Location has been key… Although our largest cod has been taken virtually outside the marina it has been the areas from Minehead and into Porlock Bay that have held a higher number of fish. The speed of “Lorna Doone” has really helped us ensure maximum time with baits in the water. Cruising at 27-30 knots we’ve been in ‘the bay’ in moments.