Why do it? Why now? Becoming the skipper of Lorna Doone.

The question of ‘why do it’? could simply be met with the almost blunt answer of …‘because it’s always been my dream’. Indeed I’ve seen this answer given by new skippers and also people who’ve followed a passion in other walks of life. – But there’s much more to it. Indeed just jumping in feet first to a new venture, throwing pots of cash at it and telling the wife ‘don’t worry love, it’s always been my dream’ would be seen as madness by some and quite frankly just wouldn’t cut the mustard in our household!

The decision to form a new company and invest time and money had to be met with reason…..The idea of becoming a charter skipper was first banded about in our household 6 years ago. Starting with a simple ‘pro’s’ and ‘cons’ list, together with my wife, we began giving it some serious thought.

Myself being guided by (or should I say blinded by) a passion for the fishing and a deep love of the area didn’t really have many ‘cons’!! My wife on the other hand was far more objective and balanced in her evaluation of the situation at the time and rightly so…after all we had plans to start a family and other interests which would make for a very tricky juggling act….But a plan had been formed and the seed sown!

Fast forward the 6 years to today and we arrive at the point where I hold my skippers ticket, a new company is formed, a brand new charter boat has been commissioned and is just weeks away from going in the water….

So…Why now?

Well it’s very simple really. We now have 2 wonderful children who, although still young are past the baby stage and life is a little easier on that front. Guided by my wife, Emma, we have a good business plan in place. And for those that are unaware, my background away from angling involves 20 years of sports coaching and coach education. From this a deep love of helping people is truly imbedded and transferred into seeing other anglers achieve. Growing up in the heart of Exmoor, there is a love of the area installed within me that I enjoy nothing more than sharing with others. And finally…I know where the fish lurk!!

The time is right and from us here at Heritage Charters, we cant wait to share the journey with you and we can’t wait even more to see those rods bent!! Let’s do it!